Eye in the Sea camera to feature CarcassVision

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Expedition to the Deep 2006 Slope Logs

The Eye-in-the-Sea camera will be freshly baited with a frozen sea lion carcass in a camera deployment set for August 14th, in the deep Monterey Canyon. Mark your calendars and tune in to the Ocean Research Conservation Organization (ORCA) website for updates on the event. The ever fascinating Dr. Edie Widder, the ORCA President, will be your host.

Get in the mood for the gorey deep-sea camera deployment by making your desktop background image a whale skeleton using this freely downloadable picture. You can also plug in to some good whale fall research, like the Smith & Baco, 2003 paper  published in the Oceanography and Marine Biology Annual Review (viewable at Google books).

Brink is a Science Channel program offering up some nice stories about  Dr. Widder’s research, and deep-sea bioluminescense in episodes called “Life in Extreme Places”, airing today July 21 at 5:30 pm and tomorrow, July 22. I may have to ask my satellite provider to provide a one-day upgrade. “Hello, Operator? I need Science Channel now!”


Smith, C.R., & Baco, A. R. (2003). Ecology of whale falls at the deep-sea floor Oceanography and Marine Biology, 41, 311-354

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