Forbidden Love

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He was a squid from the wrong side of the ocean.  She, a mild mannered but inquisitive squash from a rural farm.  Theirs was a love that was forbidden.  What blossomed was more than love and the relationship eventually proved fruitfulHat tip to Urlesque for inspiration.

6 Replies to “Forbidden Love”

  1. By the way, it’s not a squash (family Cucurbitaceae); it’s a citrus fruit (family Rutaceae)! So much for your taxonomy above the water line… ; )

  2. Knew it wasn’t a squash as you mentioned but thought people would enjoy the literary embellishment for the sake of humor. Not only is Buddha’s Hand not in the squash family but is not even in the same order. Interesting this species is actually in the genus Citrus (Citrus medica, the citron with Buddha’s hand being var. sarcodactylus). Also in the genus Citrus are pretty much anything you equate being citrus…oranges, limes, grapefruits, tangelos, etc.). Most of these are cultivars or hybrids based on either C. reticulata or C. maxima. So basically the “diversity” of all the citrus we consume is not actually that diverse.

  3. Nice recovery!

    …but am I missing some literary reference? Why would ‘mild-mannered but inquisitive lemon’ not have worked?

  4. It’s pretty, for something spawned by a squid and a squash. I would call it a squad, or a squish. I guess Buddha’s Hand has more of a ring to it.

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