Giant Isopod Fail

This is a giant isopod.

This, on the other hand, is not.

An example of a creature which is not a giant isopod.

To reiterate, this is a giant isopod, a species in the genus Bathynomus, and more specifically Bathynomus giganteus (latin for gigantic). The following illustration is taken from Lloyd 1908 “The internal anatomy of Bathynomus giganteus, with a description of the sexually mature forms” (Memoirs of the Indian Museum 1:81-102).


One Reply to “Giant Isopod Fail”

  1. Well..that’s the problem with common names isn’t it??

    That thing in the pic is the Antarctic isopod Glypotnotus (if I’m not mistaken) and those things are pretty frakkin’ big. I’m not sure that there is any formal “common name” nomenclature for giant cold-water isopods.

    Why can’t the giant Antarctic isopods be “giant isopods”?? Isn’t Bathynomus also referred to as the “giant pillbug”???

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