Seeking the Science of the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

seaplex-track-nsI hope you are following along on the SEAPLEX blog.  A great post about the kinds of gear used in open-water oceanography.  But better than the gear itself is a Vampire Squid caught in that gear!


3 Replies to “Seeking the Science of the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch”

  1. I didn’t think it was possible for squid to give the stink-eye. I stand corrected, awesomely so!

  2. This might be an unrelated question, but something that is tied to garbage. I read on that “Catamar” off the coast of France is being used to clean up the ocean floor. What are the repercusions to sea life using something like this? Wouldn’t everything be disturbed and/or sucked up? I am really curious. Thanks

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