Sending Peter Off with Haiku’s

I’ve asked blog buddies to bid Peter adieu in haiku. I’ll aggregate them here and ask our readers to contribute their own deep sea haiku below to see him off the docks of Deep Sea News.

From Dr. M:
Deep corals in black
With socialist agendas
Each polyp provides

Not all hands on deck
A vessel starting with three
Our ranks missing one

Two hundred meters
Shallowest of the vast deep
Largest habitat

Giant Isopod
Master of deep carrion
Why are you so big?

From me:
Doctor E is in
Mad money in coral got him
Doctor E is out

Sting me nemat’cyst
Venom coursing through my vein
Crying is for wimps

Sushi good, not bad
Mercury adds no flavor
Wasabe to taste

Welcome to East Coast
Come visit me soon up north
You owe me mad beers

From Greg Laden:
Pete Etnoyer is
Peter Etnoyer is not
At Deep Sea News blog.

From The New Blue:
He drifted to the sea
Like phytoplankton floating
free from Tinseltown