Special Article on the Politics of Deep-Sea Coral Conservation

Deep-sea coral conservation is a phenomenon, an intersection that brings deep-sea exploration together with fisheries policy and environmental awareness. Its also the story of grass roots environmental activism grown up to the big leagues.

In 2006, Congress reauthorized the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Management and Conservation Act (MSA). What are the implications for deep-coral conservation and research?

There’s a dearth of information about the implications the Magnuson-Stevens reauthorization on the internet, so, Deep Sea News commissioned a special article by Ken Stump of the Marine Fish Conservation Network to tell us all about it. Watch this space. The article will run this Tuesday.

2 Replies to “Special Article on the Politics of Deep-Sea Coral Conservation”

  1. Man what a tease!

    Hey wait, it’s 48 hrs away. But using my son’s arguments for these type of events- we shouldn’t count today (since it’s well under way -12h) and we shouldn’t count Tuesday since it’ll be up early (right?-12h) then it’s only one day away,but we shouldn’t count the nights since we’re musky sleeping (-12h x2) so that’s 0 hrs away! Hey that means the article should be up now! Yay! Oh… Wait.

    Looking forward to the article.

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