TGIF: “… 2 Things of Beauty”

Courtesy of my bagpiping officemate and fellow seablogger. Honestly boss, we are getting work done in the lab!

Another one below the fold.

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  1. Wow, I wish I knew what this product was so that I could decide whether purchasing it would be frivolous or not. Ecology is so much easier than genetics…

  2. “Ecology is so much easier than genetics…”

    Hardly! Having done both now I can attest that ecology, when done properly and not the fluffy environmentalist kind, is complex statistical science involving much knowledge of the “hard maths”and a good understanding of geology, geography and physics. With the exception of a good mathematical background, especially in probability, genetics does not necessarily require extensive understanding of many of these other areas of study. With that being said, knowledge of the other fields greatly improves your analytical ability, extends creative problem solving, and enhances “out-of-the-box” thinking that tends to make for more interesting studies.

    But scientists need to move away from this false dichotomy, when in fact molecular ecology is now itself a field of study that has made numerous important discoveries and greatly resolved previous hypotheses where conclusions, even with some experimental evidence, was anecdotal at best.

    Ecologists, pick up thy pipettes and march forth to a new dawn!

  3. If only molecular biology were as hawt as a muscle-bound Scot in a kilt.

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