TGIF – Know Yer Knots!

The thief’s knot. Hang on to the end to know the history behind the knot and how it differs from the square knot.

Of course, the signature knot for marine scientists!

Its not a proper TGIF without something fun! I love this song by Voltaire. Lyrics are at the YouTube page for the video. It does have to do with knots though:

“A she-Kraken, lurkin’ under my men, looked up at their legs hungrily. She counted eight so she thought she found a mate. Down at the bottom of the sea. They kicked and they fought but it was all for naught ’cause she just wouldnt set ’em free. She had them taught in a tight sailor’s knot. Down at the bottom of the sea.”

Hat tip to Octópodo (para espanol).

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