Vote for Ocean Revolutionaries

Thought Kitchen is giving away $10,000 to a public minded individual through their “Grant for Change” initiative. The contest awards the ones who get the most votes at a website that describes the work and stories of 100+ inspiring people. Go there and make your voice heard by registering, and voting. Among the Ocean Revolutionaries on the docket:

(1) DSN field correspondent and turtle disciple Dr. Wallace J Nichols is seeking to raise awareness about the plight of the sea turtles among fishermen in underprivileged countries

(2) Cape Cod fisherman Paul Parker works with local fishermen to sign binding contracts to fish sustainably, with traditional gear and small boats.

More Ocean Revolutionaries are working to sustain kelp forests and rid the earth of plastic. Visit the website to learn about them. Send that $10,000 in the right direction! Vote your conscience!

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