Behold the Jack of Diamonds!

Eric at The Other 95% has been revealing a new card from an NSF funded mollusc playing card set. This set is awesome (disclaimer – I am previewing, fact checking and testing them out) and will NOT be on the market for a while.  They are intended to be used in classrooms to teach about biodiversity but possibly sold at cost in museums. Since we have three funded projects, Eric has revealed three molluscan playing cards!

When we all funded “X”, Eric revealed the “Y”:

Making Waves, Oceans and LandformsAce of Diamonds

Coral Reef FlipbooksQueen of Hearts

Waders for Water Quality Studies and MoreJack of Diamonds

You will have to go there to check out the cards and the excellent, well-written posts that accompany them! Eric worked very hard on these and any fan of the Invertebrata will be impressed. We’ll keep a running list of the cards as more projects get funded. Just another reason to give to the Ocean in the Classroom Challenge! Just imagine if we were able to fund 52 PROJECTS!!!

Get out your wallets and help out struggling teachers and impressionable youth. I have, and so have many others including Danna S, Dr. H, Jarrett B, Christina K and Michael R, as well as Craig and Tim who made good on their challenges. The Moss Landing Marine Lab Blog has also joined in the fray with this great post!

“A major part of science is collaboration, because some projects require more effort, resources, or people than one lab can handle.  Collaborating allows us to tackle bigger projects and tasks than what would otherwise be possible.  The folks at Deep Sea News organized a collaboration with many other marine science blogs to sponsor support of K-12 marine science education.”

Let’s keep the momentum going. If you haven’t donated yet, what is holding you back? What reservations do you have? Lack of money? Do you hate schools or teachers? Hate children? Hate the ocean? Why hate? Just love! Perhaps if you fully fund a project yourself you will become filled with the love and excitement and enthusiasm for the ever-so-important 71% of of our planet’s surface that these kids should have the opportunity to feel when they are out on a tall ship for the first time hoisting ropes, singing shanties, pulling in plankton nets and learning how our oceans work!

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