Donate Or We’ll Let Loose the Crabs from Hell!

We need to reach $2000 by Sunday! If we reach this goal, HP will give us another $2000 to donate for Oceans in the Classroom! Can I make more clear?

THIS IS HUGE!!1!!1!!!!

$2000 will a looooooooooooooong way for ocean education and reach many students. But if we don’t reach $2000 on our own, we won’t get that extra $2000. Craig and I would hate to do this, but we will soon be forced to unleash the crabs from hell on our readers to gently rip off your flesh in our deep sea tortrarium. We really don’t want it to come to this guys. We like our readers, you are great! Please don’t let us feed you to the flesh eating crabs. Just look at at what they did to this poor little pig!

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