Donor’s Choose Update

Within short time, the challenges form  Eric H. and Brian from Sandshack were met.  A big thanks  goes to both of them once again for helping us out in the Donor’s Choose challenge.  Another big thanks goes to Matthew H. for a big $135 donation!

HP is providing an additional incentive to you to donate.  If we reach $2000 then we stand to receive an $2000 in additional funding from HP but we only have till this Sunday to do this.  We only need $751 to do this.  Imagine us getting to fund several additional classrooms.

A good start is our Experiencing Seafloor Spreading project that needs a mere $370.  Or better yet donate the $770 needed to send the children to the Maritime Museum (Ahoy Mate!) and simultaneously fund a classroom and meet our $2000 goal.

We are down to the wire here and we really need your help!

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  1. I am a teacher myself and I know how hard it is to get supplies and materials that will help our students.

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