I warned you

In the past 36 hours there were no donations in our Donor’s Choose challenge.  We are still well below our target with 5 classrooms to fund.  So step up and donate.  Listen, I know many of you think you don’t have any money donate. Spending the last 10 years of my life as a poor postdoc and graduate student I understand money woes.  But I am pretty positive that you have $10…you probably blew that on beer last week ;-).  You are not going to even notice a missing $10.  So go donate.  Better yet challenge a dollar per dollar match up to a set amount to encourage others to donate (leave a comment below).  I know our readers our awesome, I am just asking you to prove it.

And because there have been no donations in the last 36 hours…the worst video on Youtube I could find…

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