Ocean Bloggers Band Together to Help Schools

I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more DONATIONS!! I want to personally thank Eric Heupel, Miriam Goldstien, HP in Palo Alto (the computer company I believe!) and Christopher for donating generously to our Oceans in the Classrooms projects!

It has already paid off as well! We have our first funded project thanks in large part to matching donations from Royal Bank of Canada and their Blue Water Project. Way to go! Mrs. C’s project, Making Waves, Oceans and Landforms, will immediately impact 40 students in a high poverty South Carolina school. Her students will come out ahead and have a better appreciation for the ocean and the scientific process thanks to her efforts and your generosity.

The Oceans in the Classroom challenge is being met by the community. The Right Blue has joined in with a very thoughtful post on education.

“From time to time we hear from kids — or their parents.  They thank us for an article about something they were studying, or ask if we know where to find more information about a certain creature .  Sometimes they want to know if they can use one of our photos for a report or a school project.  We’re always glad to help if we can, because we believe it’s important to share with children our  fascination for all things ocean.  We like to foster young people’s  interest in the sea and understanding of marine ecosystems.”

Ricky Mac, blogger extraordinaire at Malaria, Bed Bugs, Sea Lice, Sunsets also posted his support for the Challenge.

“Donate early! Donate often! Make science education a reality for some needy classrooms.”

If you have a blog and want to join let me know in email or in the comments, write a post to promote it and go out there and spread the message everywhere! For those that don’t blog, DONATE!! Even $10 means so much to cash-strapped classrooms. We hope to fund all of our projects soon so that we can add EVEN MORE to our list to fully fund!

And now, your moment of zen.