Oceans in the Classroom Initiative

A lot of progress made since we started this challenge just over a week ago.  Ocean Bloggers (Southern Fried ScienceBlogfishOyster’s GarterEchinoblog,CephalopodcastDrop InThe New BlueThe Right BlueNatural Patriot, Memories of Ocean & Island Life, and of course Malaria, Bedbugs, Sealice, and Sunsets) are teaming up to fund 7 classroom projects .  As of today, 10 people have donated $670 and reached 76 students. A challenge raised by Tim B. and I to match $100 donations was met in less than 24 hours. Thanks go to CK, Danna S., Tim B., Lauren D. HP, Miriam, Anonymous, and Eric H for opening their wallets!  Don’t be the only person with your name not on your list.

So far we have funded:

  1. Making Waves, Ocean and Landforms: We helped purchase $ in supplies to teach ocean and landform concepts to 5th grade students in South Carolina
  2. Coral Reefs Flip Books: We helped purchase 72 composition books for $182 so 2nd grade students in Chicago.  Ms. M’s classroom is in a high poverty school district and she was seeking both flip books and wide-ruled composition books for daily journaling. In her own words, “To help students become aware of endangered coral and animals of the oceans, each student will choose one kind of coral and one sea animal to research and create a flip book.” Ocean science, conservation, organismal biology, writing exercises, and flip books…that’s just good education!

Don’t think you can make a difference?  Ms. M writes

The students are ecstatic about this project and just can’t wait to begin. They are so very excited to have received the funding for the books. I have been talking about Donors Choose and the Coral Reef Project nearly every day. We have scheduled a class field trip the the John Shedd Aquarium for October 30, 2009.  Once we receive the the materials to make the “Flip Books”, we’ll begin right away. I can’t begin to tell you how much this means to both the students and myself. I’ve been preparing the necessary instructions/directions for them, and they’re ready to get started. It should be an enjoyable project based learning experience. Your generosity and consideration is greatly appreciated! With Sincere Thanks, Ms. M.

However, we still have 5 projects to go

  1. Waders For Water Quality Studies and More: 12th grade Rhode Island students need 7 pairs of waders for the Marine Environmental Studies Program.
  2. Experience Seafloor Spreading: A 6th grade class in a high poverty Arkansas town needs $630 for seafloor spreading kits.  This one means a lot to me as I was once a student in high poverty Arkansas town.
  3. Breaking Science New: A class in moderate poverty town in Michigan is seeking subscriptions to Science News that would supplement curriculum which is lacking in current textbooks and give the chance to enhance student knowledge of current science.
  4. Ahoy Mate! Student Explorers: A high poverty school district in California is seeking funds to cover travel for field trip to the National Maritime Museum, which is one of the coolest place to visit.  There are more historic ships there than you can shake water-logged stick at.
  5. Invertebrates in My Tank: Funding for a Texas 5th grade Gifted and Talented class to develop a salt water aquarium system and stock with varied invertebrates.

So once again, we are asking you to help us fund these classrooms.  Do it or else we cannot be help responsible for what might happen at DSN.

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  1. What a brilliant idea, after all, kids are the future, so the more they learn about all this now, the better! Well done :-)

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