Dispatches from Antarctica – Everything is Big in Andvord Bay

David Honig is a graduate student in marine science at Duke University in the lab of Dr. Cindy Van Dover. He is participating in LARISSA, a 2 month multinational expedition to study the causes and consequences of the ice shelf collapse. He will be posting regular updates on the expedition exclusively for Deep Sea News readers!


19 January 2010

Andvord Bay, XXL

Low clouds have been preventing helicopter flights in Flandres Bay, so yesterday we moved north to the supposedly-sunny Andvord Bay in the hopes of getting our cryosphere team out on some glaciers.

While blue sky has yet to make an appearance, one thing is now clear: they make ‘em bigger in Andvord. Consider the following:

(click each image to embiggen)

Now if only Andvord was big on heli-safe weather . . .

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