Humpback Whale Aerobics

This is a cool National Geographic video about research done by Duke Marine Lab researchers Ari Friedlander and Pat Halpin. I love the graphical representation of the data they get from the tags showing the whale twisting around on the seafloor.

Below the fold is an interview with Ari for PlumTV about marine biology, photography and climate change.

3 Replies to “Humpback Whale Aerobics”

  1. the tags transmit information to statellites which is then made available to the scientists tracking them

  2. What I like is that they have developed a tagging system that doesn’t cause a puncture wound. I always hated to see that on sharks, knowing how vulnerable that could make them.

    Also, the falling snow thing was on the blog was cute when it first came out about 10 years ago, but it really gets tiring to those of us north of North of North Carolina at this time of year. Think maybe you could turn it off?

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