KZ and Dr M take over print media

Marine researchers Craig McClain and Kevin Zelnio, both of Duke University, run a Web site ( that experienced an enormous spike in readership when the Raleigh Sewer Monster became a two-day Internet wonder (its Youtube video has more than 7 million hits). They had better information than many print sources, and they now take that responsibility seriously, they said.

“The day of scientists just doing science and not interacting with the public are over,” McClain says.

KZ and I take over the pages of the Charlotte Observer…well we get a paragraph in coverage of Science Online 2010.

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  1. Did we really put “responsibility” and “take seriously” together in a coherent way during the interview?? lol

  2. Today, the Charlotte Observer,….tomorrow…..The World!!! :-)….seriously, well done & Happy New Year.

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