Mega Shark vs Plane: The Physics

Mega Shark: faster than a bullet train, more powerful than that puny wimp Megalodon, and able to take down commercial airlines in a single bound. Fear it. Admire it. Wonder why it doesn’t go “splat.”

This will be adorning my office door ASAP. Thanks, Oceanographer’s Choice!

8 Replies to “Mega Shark vs Plane: The Physics”

  1. Thanks for sharing, this is decorating my wall too. My husband is pricing out a poster, and this may replace our framed wedding portrait.

  2. There is a photo of a mega (black one) not of the Spelberg Jaws Anyways This one seems to be more trainable and slimmer Bigger as well. In the pic it looks like he was going after the guy on the ladder then the helicopter. But by studing it thou comp Has evolve made a new one or old one? It ready for the attack. Are we watching her/him Is there more. Does it have a lazy eye type of thing? I could of swear I saw to have eyes like in Shark Tale not like Jaws. Is 2 different ones?
    It a real beauty.

  3. That’s an excellent poster!

    @Nicole: … What? The only part of your comment that I understood referenced the photo of a shark attacking a helicopter: that photo is completely fake.

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