Miriam Joins Us At DSN

Out of Science Online 2010 came many things, perhaps the best for Kevin and I is Miriam joining us from Oyster’s Garter.  Let’s just say this shit just got real. If you don’t know how bad ass Miriam is then there is no help for you.  Miriam not only developed Oyster’s Garter to be one of the shining examples of marine science outreach on the web while simultaneously working on a Ph.D. but served as chief scientist of SEAPLEX to quantify and explore the Pacific Garbage Patch, no small feat for a graduate student.  Her scientific and outreach work epitomize the new generation of scientist with an integrated program.

So in a swift move Kevin and I moved quickly on ScienceOnline to assimilate her into the DSN collective.  This represents a new chapter of this blog and we’re going to blow your socks off.

23 Replies to “Miriam Joins Us At DSN”

  1. Well that’s a stunningly obvious but brilliant move. Congratulations. So when Kevin was loudly shouting “DOLPHINS ARE ASSHOLES”, that was code for “Join our blog” right?

  2. Last but not least (shows how often I consult my Google Reader)… SQUEEE! And I can’t resist mentioning that I was THERE when the deal was done at Science Online 2010.

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