Molluscs NOM shipwrecks into oblivion

National Geographic reports that shipworms are nibbling upon the Baltic Sea’s well-preserved shipwrecks, nom-ing them into oblivion. The shipworm is actually a wood-boring mollusc, Teredo navalis, which is able to live solely upon wood with the aid of wood-digesting symbiotic bacteria. (How many times can I say “wood”? Never mind, please insert “Got Wood” joke here.)

Changes in the salinity of the Baltic Sea has allowed Teredo to move in and feast upon a shipwreck bounty, potentially destroying everything from Viking ships to 17th century Swedish warships. There is only one solution – millions of tiny SCUBA-certified Vikings.

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  1. Cool picture! I’ve never heard of a symbiotic relationship between a mollusc and bateria like this before. Super sweet!

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