TGIF: Shoot with Ichthyologist Greg Cailliet

I’ve discussed Jason Bradley a lot here in the past. Jason’s a friend and dive buddy. However, that is not why I keep posting his work here. If you want another ho-hum shot of some dolphins jumping or whales breaching, then Jason is not your guy. You can head to the Wal-Mart poster section. Some underwater photographers simply place themselves in a fantastic location with charismatic animals and that is where it stops. No passion and no vision.

Jason’s work is exceptional at capturing the dynamic ocean world and the process of marine science. His work reminds me why the oceans excite. It is simply photography that stops you in your tracks. Head over to his shop and pick up some photos for your walls.

This week’s TGIF documents the process of a photo shoot with the preeminent ichthyologist Greg Cailliet. The end shot is amazing and understanding how the shot evolved only makes the shot more spectacular. An excellent job of bringing energy to the man and the fish.

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