Thank You for Bringing the Ocean to the Midwest!

I just word that yet another Oceans in the Classroom project was fully funded. “Mrs. S” sent out a thank you to all who donated. You guys rock! We still have more projects to fund if you are looking to generously spread your tax return around this Spring. Thanks for all you have done to make a difference in children’s lives.
Dear Kevin Zelnio,
I am so excited to bring the ocean to our Midwest classroom! I would like to thank all of you for donating to this proposal. The majority of the students in first grade at my school have never been to the ocean, and probably won’t go anytime soon. By bringing this educational assembly to our school, these kids will get to learn about ocean life and experience it first hand. This will be a high interest assembly for the students, especially many of the boys who love to read books about sharks and sea life. Thank you again for supporting this proposal. We are very grateful!

With gratitude,
Mrs. S.

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