Carnival of the Blue #33: Sea Shanty Edition

Everyone knows that ocean bloggers are the lustiest of the lusty, needing only a single beer to burst into song. In honor of our shantyin’ ways, this entire Carnival can be sung to the tune of “Roll Your Leg Over.”

If dolphins and monkeys had full personhood,
Primate Diaries says life would be good!

Ocean blogs monthly, oh ocean blogs monthly.
Ocean blogs monthly, Carnival of the Blue!

If Jill could identify this weird little thing,
She could guild it and wear it as bling.

If poor little Nemo lives in acid seas
Kelsey says he won’t from predators flee.

In Jersey terrapins need help with their nests
John & the Wetlands Institute are doing their best.

Wanderin’ Weeta has crabs oh so cute
Hermits stare out in their fine shell-y suits.

Arthropoda gets snippy bout tools
His crunchy buddies think octopus drool.

If off to Pandora you’re yearning to flee,
Southern Fried Scientist finds Avatar in the sea.

If minke whales Japan wants to kill,
They’ll need a reason that’s not too much krill.

In Saudi Arabia NEAQ researchers dive
Then wear abayas their figures to hide.

At Sea Notes they listen to dolphins and bats,
For sonar evolved wearing two different hats.

Danna fights demon macaws off the pier
Plenty of both kinds of squid here this year.

Off of New York murres and gannets abound,
Corey saw tons of cool birds in the Sound.

Dead rotten fishes (and hemichordates too)
Help Grrl with clues to evolution in the blue.

Want to fly in 3D right on Earth?
Angelo says get a live-aboard berth!

DC Birding Blog pays a visit to Mass
Harlequin ducks sitting there bold as brass.

Should we boycott all things from the sea?
Rick goes all French and concludes..maybe?

Final Chorus:
Ocean blogs monthly, oh ocean blogs monthly.
Ocean blogs monthly, next month will be Fried.

14 Replies to “Carnival of the Blue #33: Sea Shanty Edition”

  1. Wow, let a guy go on vacation for a couple of months and look what happens. The borg assimilates Miriam! Sigh, I’ll never forget “science served wet and salty.” Maybe I’ll steal that line now that Oyster’s Garter is in interruptus.

  2. @Mark
    You are hereby notified to cease and desist the use of the phrase “science served wet and salty”. The DSN takeover of Oyster’s Garter includes person, content, logos, liquor, and all other materials related to the Oyster’s Garter blog. This includes the “science served wet and salty” catchphrase. Any use of these materials is covered under the DSN assimilation cause and unwarranted use is punishable by flogging.

  3. Clarification: The flogging will be administered by the Official DSN bosun, and not by any of the incredibly attractive DSN bloggers. You gotta watch those promises, Dr. M.

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