Deep Sea Tweets for February 24th, 2010

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@DrCraigMc: RT @tdelene: atn @kzelnio @DrCraigMc, useful for DSN? RT @CliftonWiens: The Marina Trench… in graphic, to scale: #DSN24 Feb 10 22:51
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@DrCraigMc: RT @rmacpherson: Real life Avatar-like assault on environment gets the green light in Papua New Guinea: #DSN24 Feb 10 11:45
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@DrCraigMc: Damn marine mammals! RT @science: Sperm whales may team up & hunt collaboratively – they might corral deep squid #DSN24 Feb 10 11:43
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@kzelnio: RT @SFriedScientist: Sign marine biologists spend too much time in lab: @kzelnio @bomaiblat #DSN24 Feb 10 03:03