Escape from Dubai Shopping Mall: Shark Edition

Gizmodo reports that Dubai’s 2 million gallon shark tank sprung a leak. Check out the video:

But to me, the weirdest part of this is that the giant tank was in a shopping mall. Does seeing giant hungry sharks make people think of the way of all flesh, and thus buy expensive handbags? All it would make me do is wonder why I was wasting my time in the mall.

Thanks, M-C!

2 Replies to “Escape from Dubai Shopping Mall: Shark Edition”

  1. You’ve clearly never been to Underwater Adventures Aquarium (formerly Underwater World) in the Mall of America. Nothing better than eating a mall Cinnabun and wandering through the “world’s largest underground aquarium”. Speaking from experience, it’s a great place to spend a day during the long frigid Minnesota winters.

  2. I forget how spoiled I get out here in southern California! Cinnabon + aquarium DOES sound delightful. Point taken.

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