Six Gill to Shrimp: We’re Having Pig Tonight!

5 Replies to “Six Gill to Shrimp: We’re Having Pig Tonight!”

  1. Wow, one of the dead zones was so deadly a pig carcass stayed down two months without being scavenged. That’s truly frightening. Why doesn’t SciFi make a stupid movie about that kind of deep sea menace.

  2. Jason, that’s brilliant! “It came from depths of the … DEAD ZONE!!!!”

    Its amazing what no oxygen can do a dead prey item.

  3. instead of Sharktopus, I’d like to see Globster… 10 yards of bubble-wrap and a few models in bikinis… that’s on par with what syfy shows these days…

    The ORCA carcass-cam is still online… no piggy remains, but they’re using a light-lure to see if it attracts anything.

  4. Hah, I saw this talk at AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting just this past week. It was AWESOME. The take-home message was that bacon trumps breathing – up to a point.

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