Yet more TGIF: Plankton at the London Zoo!

Kevin tweeted this delightful BBC audio slideshow called “Sea Drifters,” featuring stunning photos of zooplankton. As the token non-deep-sea-researcher of the Deep Sea News group (what? you thought I was a token something else?), I feel it is my duty to bring you these pelagic delights.

I look at zooplankton every day, but I never cease to be amazed that just sticking a fine-meshed net in the water for 15 minutes, anywhere in the world, will bring up a positive zoo of beautiful and bizarre animals. Appropriately, the BBC photos will be displayed at the London Zoo through the end of the year.

2 Replies to “Yet more TGIF: Plankton at the London Zoo!”

  1. What a great slideshow, I’ve seen pictures of zooplankton in textbooks but you really need very high quality pictures like that to understand what they’re really like.

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