Circus of the Spineless #48 is Up!

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  1. Does anyone know where I can locate this photograph?: Science News for April 9, 1966, billed as The Weekly Summary of Current Science. On the front cover was a photograph captioned “Undersea Pillars.”
    “Strange carved rock columns, shown on this week’s front cover, some with writing on them, have been sighted by cameras six thousand feet under the sea off the coast of Peru. (Photo credit: Duke University) Dr. Robert J. Menzies, director of ocean research at the Duke University Marine Laboratory, Beaufort, North Carolina utilized a mobile deep-diving vehicle. Two upright columns, about two feet or more in diameter, were sighted extending five feet out of the mud. Two more had fallen down and were partially buried, and another angular squarish block was seen, said Dr. Menzies. The pieces were sighted from a surface ship carrying apparatus for lowering cameras to within a few feet of the ocean floor. The Oceanographic cruise of the research vessel Anton Brunn lasted for six weeks off the coasts of Peru and Ecuador in the waters of the Milne-Edward Deep, a deep trench that drops off to almost 19,000 feet in places. The cruise was sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The sunken columns,” the article continued, “are located about fiftyfive miles off the city of Cal-lao, the port of Lima, capital of Peru. The oceanographer had come across the mysterious sea pillars accidentally, while foraging around for specimens of a small mollusk.
    His expedition had found sixty thousand specimens of sea animals and taken a thousand underwater photographs before it stumbled across the sunken ruins.

  2. These pillars were probably from the lost civilzation of Lemuria. Many books about this civilization, and considerably more evidence than Atlantis. The best and most recent book by Frank Joseph. Meanwhile, if you can obtain pics of these pliiars, please share.

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