Deep Sea Tweets for March 10th, 2010

Below the fold is a summary of tweets from March 10th, 2010

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@kzelnio: Yet another reason Arthros R Awesome! RT @mikebok: Arthropoda: Mantis Shrimp Vision Preview #DSN10 Mar 10 21:54
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@kzelnio: Is it love? Mutualism in leather stars (Dermasterias) and scale worms (Arctonoe)!! #DSN10 Mar 10 21:50
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@kzelnio: Self-Evident Victor of the Invert War #invwars #dsn Nothing to disagree with in there :) – 10 Mar 10 13:24
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@kzelnio: The undersea hunt for intraterrestrial life! #DSN10 Mar 10 12:56
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@ElOceanografo: Alright, everyone can go home. We know who the real winner is. #invwar #DSN10 Mar 10 10:12
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@oystersgarter: Poor @INSPIRE_CRUISE. :( RT @eclecticechoes: WHOI’s groundbreaking ABE lost at sea at the Chile Triple Junction. #DSN10 Mar 10 05:05
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@kzelnio: An interesting comment thread on @oystergarter‘s #DSN post on Communicating Facts in a World of Truthiness What say u? – 10 Mar 10 03:28
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