Every Whale Has Its Bone


This one goes out to David from my lab who just got back from 2 months down under in Antarctica and deployed whale bones for part of his experiments. You can read up on all his updates while he was at sea.

Every Whale Has A Bone (with apologies to Brett Michael)

We both sink silently still in the dead of the sea
Although we both sink down together
We get nipped on by sharks
Was it somewhere I swam or something i did
Should I have tried to put up a fight
Though I tried to protect you
We both died But I guess that’s why they say

Every whale has its bone
Just like hagfish slimes everyone
Just like every boneworm will eat me till I’m gone
Every whale has its bone ………..

My flesh is picked off clean as I lay on the seafloor
I hear the king crab and hagfish rasp my flesh off some more
But I wonder if that isopod
Thinks I taste just like a cod
And I know those roots digging right in
Its that bone worm sucking out my lipid


Though it’s been a while now
My bones they still decay
like an endless source of food
My whale fall community remains….

Now I’m covered in osedax, surrounded by bacteria
Instead of swimming in Hawaii, I’m down here rotting away uh
And now I hear a 6-gill coming too
To rip the last piece of flesh off oooooo
But to smell the gas, that sulphide
Rips me up inside and that why i guess