Friday Cephalocomics

Apparently Batman + Lightsaber vs. Shark was just the start of an oceanic comics avalanche. Please enjoy 20,000 Leagues of DANGER!!! from the excellent comic Hark! A Vagrant. Poor giant squid, just wanting to be loved.

Also a Jedi octopus from Hijinks Ensue! Ha ha, now the lightsaber is on the other tentacle!

One Reply to “Friday Cephalocomics”

  1. So cute and so sad at the same time! Normally I am irked by improperly placed cephalopod mouths, but the expressions are SO GOOD I am willing to overlook it in this instance.

    The bored eyes of the Jedi Octopus do not quite make up for the horribleness of Capt. Nemo.

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