Miriam On the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Miriam was interviewed on Earth Sky Science about her research on plastic in the ocean! Great job Miriam, a nice mix of enthusiasm, information, composure and awesomeness! Way to be a scientist communicator.

4 Replies to “Miriam On the Great Pacific Garbage Patch”

  1. I had heard about this a while ago. Great video. I hope that the plastic buildup can be addressed before it becomes a major problem for the environment.

  2. Miriam, your discussion and message on plastics in the ocean is GREAT. I am supporting Heal the Bay and your video is very timely toward that effort. Would you mind if I posted your video on my FB page at islandtimegallery.com.

  3. I’m really glad you liked the video, Tim! However, it’s not mine, it’s from EarthSky Science. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you linked to it, but you’d have to ask them for download permission.

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