Ocean Bloggers Still Rocking It Out for the Kids!

Another letter from a teach whose project “Biology Without Dissection? Ridiculous!” we helped to fund:

Dear Kevin Zelnio,
Wow! What a tremendous effort from everyone who wanted to make this project a reality. We are so grateful for your help, and are looking forward to bringing dissection to our classrooms! Science classrooms around the country perform dissections, to increase student knowledge and help prepare students for science work in college. You have made sure that my students can be counted in those numbers. We appreciate your help to get our dissection pans and kits!
We will be using this equipment as soon as we can, and sharing photos of our first experiences in the classroom. Thanks for caring about science education, and we hope that you all will continue to ensure a world-class science education across the country!

With gratitude,
Ms. G.

There are many projects to donate to that are excellent experiences for young students in high poverty areas where money for supplies is virtually nonexistent. All donations are tax-deductible. If you do donate please do so through the Ocean Bloggers’ Oceans in the Classroom initiative through the portal on the right sidebar!

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