First, our very own beloved Miriam PASSED HER PRELIMS!!!!1!!1!! She is PhD Candidate Goldstein.

Also, my friend and coworker, Southern Fried Scientist PASSED HIS PRELIMS!!!!!!11!!!1! Congrats to PhD Cand Fried.

One of our favorite blog, Time to Eat the Dogs, REACHED 100,000 HITS!!!!11!!1!111! This is a really great blog about explorers and exploration from an author and history professor in Connecticut.

Scicurious successfully DEFENDED HER PHD DISSERTATION!!!!!!1!!!111!!!!!! Congrats Dr. Scicurious!

Dr. M is still employed for a few more years!!!!1!!!1!1! Congrats to Dr. M and NESCENT.

What other awesome things are happening in your lives dear readers? Please, brag away!


  1. Congratulations to all!

    The awesome thing in my life is the job offer for a tenure-track faculty position at a major east coast university which I have gladly accepted.

  2. Dr. Glitterbear, That is awesome! Congratulations! Keep being awesome!

  3. Congrats Michael! And you will be moving to an awesome city on top of that! Master Barton has a nice ring to it.

  4. YAAAY! So much good news! Congrats to Dr. Glitterbear (who has one of the best handles on the net), Daniel, and Michael!

  5. Still an undergrad and being told to wait even longer to hear back from an internship in Panama this summer. Anticipation!

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