Crittercam Reveals the Vile Secret Truth of Sea Lions

This is a travesty. Octopus everywhere are being decimated by these horrible creatures. Thankfully, we have learned the truth through National Geographic’s crittercam. Sadly though, there appears to be a certain bias here… :(

5 Replies to “Crittercam Reveals the Vile Secret Truth of Sea Lions”

  1. Sea Lions are evil. Have you ever watched them play frisbee with a poor Mola mola? They rip the fins off, play with them for a bit and then let the still living fish sink to the bottom where the can live for days, unable to swim.

  2. I got taken by a group of Sea Lions in Vegas at a blackjack table. Turns out they can count cards. I was unaware of this until security showed up and booted the group out. Lost 5K on that deal.

    Evil, evil bastards.

  3. An animal that can’t breathe underwater is not marine as far as Im concerned. They even have to breed on land. Octopus are so much better.

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