The 12th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium…in Iceland?!

Planning on attending the Deep-Sea Biology Symposium in Iceland this June?  From the Symposium website

There has been intensive interest for the 12th Deep-sea symposium. Nearly 250 people have registered for the symposium. It appears that we will have double sessions on all days except the day of the excursion. Those that have offered oral presentations will receive information concerning acceptance in the coming days.

As all of you have probably heard, a volcanic eruption started some time ago in Iceland and a few days ago the activity extended into the glacier of Eyjafjallajokull, South Iceland. The ash from the eruption has grounded flights all over Europe during the last few days.

You may wonder:

Is it safe to travel to Iceland under these conditions? The answer is YES. The eruption is far away from the symposium venue and the ash is mainly being carried now to the south and southeast of Iceland. So, continue with your planning!

Will this influence the symposium? Volcanic eruptions typically start with expulsion of ash and then develop into lava flows that release considerably less ash. We hope that this eruption will progress in this pattern in the next few days or weeks. The ash (Si02) is coming from shallow depths of the glacier, and such eruptions are usually not long-lived. We go on as planned, but in good time we will announce changes, if needed. If we need to cancel, your registration fee will be refunded.

Thorsmork is about 10 km from the site of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption and was impacted by serious flooding this week of glacial melt water. As a result, the park is temporarily closed. Our excursion to Thorsmork will go on as planned if the area is secure and open on the 9th of June. If it is open we will visit the park and if the eruption has finished, we may visit the site and study the influence of these magnificent forces. Otherwise, we will visit another beautiful site in this magic country of frost and fire.

We look forward to seeing you all in Iceland


The organizing committee of the 12th DSBS

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  1. Thanks for the update Dr. M, although I plan on attending the Deep-Sea Biology Symposium in June ;)

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