What’s New With Kevin Z and the Oceans?

Like the good Dr. M explained last post, frequency of content is down around here. Though I do not intend to take a break or slow down much further, a few exciting things are happening.

1. Most of time is spent at my day job. My family and home repair take up the half.

2. Since December I’ve been to Ireland for work, Illinois for the holidays, Science Online in Raleigh, back to Illinois for my grandmother’s unexpected funeral :( , promptly out of commission from what was probably swine flu, Benthic Ecology Meeting in Wilmington, invited by PLoS to San Francisco for their 1st PLoS Forum, and am gearing up to visit Dr. M’s old stomping grounds at MBARI in Monterey next week for some freezer diving.

3. Applying for grad schools. I accepted a position UNC Wilmington in the fall to start a PhD in Marine Biology. More details on my projects when I actually start them, but here is a wordle or the project I will be working on to intrigue you:

4. Figuring out what to do with this house I bought a year and a half ago, making lots of repairs and updates. Please contact me if you want an amazing property in Beaufort, NC!

5. Submitting a paper on at least a year and half’s worth of microsatellite development for a vent shrimp. Published another paper on 7 months worth of marker development for a vent gastropod, with the Southern Fried Scientist himself at the helm of this magnificent piece (wordle below)

6. Writing (or significantly contributing to) scientific papers on hydrothermal vent community structure, particulate organic matter sources at methane seeps, population structure and connectivity in a vent shrimp, open access and taxonomy, new species of vent/seep zoanthids, pilot whale-fisheries interactions and food sources, environmental impact assessment protocols for vents, 2 new species of vent shrimp and only the almighty Kraken knows what else!

7. Writing songs and practicing classics for Wednesday night jam sessions at the Backstreet Pub (every Wednesday, come down and check us out!)

8. Like Craig, tweeting obsessively.

Things I would like to write about? I’m too f***ing exhausted! Sigh… but you know me too well, I’ll be back tomorrow with something….

5 Replies to “What’s New With Kevin Z and the Oceans?”

  1. I accepted a position UNC Wilmington in the fall to start a PhD in Marine Biology.

    nice! glad you reduced your degrees of freedom a bit :-)

  2. Whatsup with “nearshore” in the wordle about your phd. There is no deep sea near the shore! Well, I guess Monterrey Canyon as being near shore…

  3. Yeah, moving a little shallower, but still have many deep projects! I’m tightening my analytical methods on better known system, with the hopes of bringing better science to my beloved deep.

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