Flippy-floppies take PRI’s The World

I'm On A Boat poster by Tatsumi67

Public Radio International’s The World Science podcast has a regular series featuring Music in Science, and they asked me what music we listened to last August on SEAPLEX. When I squealed “I’M ON A BOAT!” they were a bit confused at first, but then they boldly went for it and fit a song that is 90% profanity onto public radio. Check out my explanation of why “flippy-floppies” is hilarious at 25:18.

Or, if you want the entire I’m On A Boat experience, here you go. (Lot of non-bleeped strong language – but hey, that’s life on a boat.)

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4 Replies to “Flippy-floppies take PRI’s The World”

  1. Everyone in the office agrees: You are a fucking rockstar! Just to get PRI to play “I’m on a Boat” and have you on for a couple minutes was epically epic.

  2. Actually I was wearing ONLY a nautical-themed pashmina afghan. (Fortunately they are large). ;)

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