Oil Spill Update

Today marks the 1 month anniversary since the blowout, explosion, and the death of 11 on Deepwater Horizon drill rig.

  1. The First Brown Pelican covered in oil dies at Louisiana refuge
  2. More haunting photographs of oil on Louisiana marshes
  3. U.S Government orders British Petroleum to put all Gulf oil spill data on Internet
  4. Florida has just 10 days to prepare for the first signs of the oil spill off its coast, if NOAA projections correct.
  5. Want to see even more photographs of oil covering beaches and sealife?
  6. Jean-Michel Cousteau speaks out on dispersants
  7. Too expensive and timely. This is the reason why the cement seal was never checked
  8. Crude awakening: an amazing infographic to help understand the oil spill disaster & its affect on us all
  9. If you think surface slick looks bad, get ready to have your mind blown
  10. What we see is just the tip of the iceberg. A controlled experiment in 2000 suggests that <25% of deep water oil spill will reach surface
  11. Somebody’s not impressed with BP: How BP’s bumbling CEO is making oil spill disaster even worse-Slate
  12. Admiral Thad Allen states oil spill is bigger and more complicated than anything ever contemplated by government and likely getting worse

9 Replies to “Oil Spill Update”

  1. Governor Crist of Florida has already accepted $25 million from the BP CEO to pay for any spill related damages. Now Crist is asking for an additional $35 million to pay and boost tourism ads. Although we know Florida is one of those states who depends heavily on tourism dollars, it seems to have taken precedent over the fishing industry, locals who live and work near the coast, and other budget issues, such as education. Maybe because he is running on the independent ticket for a federal position, he has lost sight of the big picture, just like BP’s CEO. This is NOT a short term effect! Our children will be paying for this in many ways for a very long time!

  2. There is a sad state of affairs in the Gulf of Mexico. An ecosystem is being ruined. There has got to be a better way than the unsustainable path we are so adamantly and recklessly pursuing now. Is this what wanton greed hath wrought?

    While Father Greed can be readily seen ravaging Mother Nature, it is just as easy to recognize that without Mother Nature’s abundant resources and viable ecosystem services all the overproducing, overconsuming and overpopulating activities spawned by Father Greed will lead to some sort of unimaginable, human-driven “crash”, the likes of which only Ozymandias has witnessed.

    Disgraceful, greed-mongering Masters of the Universe among us recently cratered the global economy.
    Now they are on the verge of risking the collapse of Earth’s ecology.

  3. I hope America has learned it’s lesson from this catastrophe
    After years of being lulled to complacence by assurances of SAFE NEW DRILLING TECHOLNOLOGY the worst environmental disaster in US history has occured on one of the most technologically advanced oil rigs.
    According to the chief engineer the accident was caused by
    1. Human error
    2. Poor decision making
    3. Equipment failure
    Any one of those factors is enough to cause a similar accident in anyone of the thousands of oil rigs that dot our coastline.
    New technology will not prevent another catastrophe from happening.

    So we need to ask ourselves: Is the risk worth the benefits?

    I say NO.

    There are many other safer less enviornmentally threatening forms of energy. that we can harness. And there are many ways of reducing our dependence on oil that produce more benefits and do less harm…like conservation and improving fuel efficiency.

    We have concentrated too long and too myopically on just ONE avenue: Drill, baby, drill.

    It has taken this disaster for us to wake up.

  4. Just by seeing the photos that i’ve seen on the net, the ecosystem is shot… Since those pics were released, and as we sit here, there are thousands of gallons of oil still spewing into the gulf. If and when the leak is stopped, we still have a great amount of time till the oil is collected (by humans) or absorbed into the environment (which will be damaging for generations). Not knowing how far the spill will spread. It is going spread to other parts of the world, by then, the areas it reaches wont be as greatly effected, but it will still effect a little here and there, and it will probably be enough to throw everything out of sync. It’s the humans fault. Not just us, but our offspring, the earth and the other earthlings (animals) will have to pay as well.


  6. This is so terrible Bp needs to hurry and find out a way to cap it off wait I know a way take a submarine down there and cap it off…

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