TGIF: You Can’t Trust A Killer Whale

After all, they are nothing but the largest of the dolphins. EEEVIL. (Many thanks to Dr. Isis for this glorious vide0.)

4 Replies to “TGIF: You Can’t Trust A Killer Whale”

  1. so, just to throw this out there . . .

    i think there may be a personality disorder amongst higher homicidal mammals . . . did anyone else notice how ugly Tillikum is — lumpy obese body, tiny freakin’ head, weirdly bent fins . . . what if he was being emotionally abused for being ugly by his tankmates?

    i first noticed this trend with that homicidally bent chimp a couple of years ago . . . that was one majorly ugly mammary-fed beast . . . it’s a good thing he had human friends, ’cause i think his species, and maybe even Bonobos, would have rejected him . . . and look at the end result . . .

    just sayin’

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