Oil Spill Update: June 23rd, 2010

Image from the Aquaman Shrine. The oil spill is really an act by Black Manta to destroy Aquaman, the pillar of strength for the Justice League

Its been 64 magical days and 160 million glorious gallons (or is it even morenobody knows…) since the Deepwater Horizon laid down the ultimate Gulf of Mexico smackdown. Below is summary of the last couple of weeks worth of news sure to make you feel nauseous. But some bittersweet humor on Twitter from @nadaleenatasha “Who lived in a pineapple under the sea? Who died in an oil spill because of BP?”

Finally, a salute to Gulf of Mexico sea life as it may have been

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  1. As an Israeli, I felt a lot of frustration regarding the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, since I wanted to go and help the conservation and clean up efforts.
    Of course, as luck would have it, just a few miles south of me there’s another spill going on.

    Are we that bent on killing everything in our oceans?
    I really feel like we’re on borrowed time regarding the exploration and conservation of life in the oceans.

  2. Now because of ships coming into the harbors, we have oil in bays and children’s “special” swimming areas. Also, some of the county officials are risking to go to jail by over-riding BP and its decision makers. And what was in that huge metal box that washed ashore onto Panama City beaches? Too much talk and not enough action! Honestly I feel sadder over the killing animal and plant life in our Gulf than over tourism dollars.

  3. Pres must cut red tape to employ new oil spill processes on immediate basis.

    A panel made up of scientists; (petroleum, mechanical, chemical, computer and or electrical engineers, biologists, associated technicians, and oceanographers) must be sent to the gulf coast now.

    An area of the gulf coast is to be set aside, quarantined, for experimentation of various processes. Processes that will stop and or reduce the impact of the oil that is being spewed forth into our gulf waters.

    Innovators will bring forth their inventions and processes to present them to the panel for immediate evaluation. Evaluation will take place in quarantined area.

    Once processes and or inventions are determined to be better than or equal the value to the processes presently being employed in the gulf the new processes will also be employed on a now basis in the gulf area.

    In Joe the plumber speak:

    A sewer of a new building that Joe’s crew was working on broke open. The sewer is spewing forth you know what and has started to reach the pool area of the building. Joe interrupts his golf game to address the problem quickly. Joe knows there are regulatory plumbing codes involved to do the plumbing in a regulatory way. Joe, knows that this is an emergency situation and will think about plumbing codes later. Joe knows above all things he needs to stop the sewage flow now! Joe realizes he doesn’t have the equipment on hand to stop the sewage flow and fix the broken sewer.

    So Joe uses common sense and calls in plumbing specialists. Joe quickly reviews which specialists tools will work and he employs them, Joe states he’ll worry about meeting the plumbing codes
    after the emergency is taken care of. Joe states, “I have to save the pool from being overtaken by the sewage NOW!”

    Joe has made an Executive decision. To date Internet sources state “Only one of the thousands of new processes that can and will stop the advance of oil in the gulf has even been considered.”

    Voice your opinion and your need to your State Representative, and to the Executive in charge. Remember to “VOTE!”

  4. It is July 4th 2010. I have come to accept the fate of the bea. utiful Gulf of Mexico. No anger no saddness and no more shock. Then I played your tribute to the the Gulf of Mexico and I cried. Tears rolled down my face.

    All I can say is “Wonderous magical friend, I am so grateful to have known you. You will always be in my mind and my heart. The taste of your salty water on my lips. the Life that dances with me in water of such warmth . I will miss you forever. As my heart bleeds as you suffocate. I am so ashamed I Love you Gulf of Mexico. I Love You. Susan

  5. This may indeed be a wose case failure. I find it interesting that this entire time all pictures from the sea bed never once have shown the blow out preventor. There is rummor that the blow out preventor no longer even exist on the well. So all this messing around was just a delay tactic. I pray that the entire world will now open there eyes to alternative energy. We must force the goverment to do the right thing. Obama never could really do all the things he promised, he was not elected king! We must stand up ( like in the 60’s & 70’s) for what we the people want.

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