Best Life Jackets Evah

Sooo....Do these come in adult sizes?

Nothing is more important than a child’s well-being. But too many water safety products are boring, irritating or embarrassing from a kid’s point of view. That’s why we engineer everything at Opa Cove to be something a kid can’t wait to get into.

Meet the first and only life jackets and swim assist vests with a flexible fin on the back. Sea Squirts look like fun fish for a serious reason. That fin on the back helps kids get carried away with creative play. It’s a brand new idea, and there’s nothing like Sea Squirts on earth. For ages 2-7.

In all things Opa Cove, we start where other designers leave off — asking “where did they go wrong, and what can we do better?” That’s the built-in value you get — from children’s life jackets and swim assist vests to UV swim shirts, swim fins, hand fins and goggles.

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