Hell-on-Earth Flyover of the Gulf of Mexico

While the commentary actually makes this sound appropriately apocalyptic, please ignore the cheesy last minute sound bite.

hccreekkeeper writes on his youtube page for this video:

This was the most emotionally disturbing video I have ever done!
A flight over the BP Slick Source where I saw at least 100 Dolphins in the oil, some dying. I also photographed a Sperm Whale covered in oil all around it’s blow hole.
Please spread this around the world. Send me any links to places it gets posted so I can follow.
I want to piss off the world. Who will answer for these gentle creatures?

I for one am seriously pissed off.

Hat tip to Mark Powell at Blogfish.

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  1. What pisses me off is us. How did so many Americans let themselves elect to their most powerful and consequential chief executive position a man with no chief executive experience whatsoever? That’s just insane. The resume matters. The sound bites don’t.

    But it’s really far worse than that. There’s no explaining this level of dereliction of duty. Any common McDonald’s manager might have done better. Either there is a complete void of character and common sense hiding not too far beneath the public facade, or there is a failure to share in the core interests of the American people. Which is it, Mr. President? We the People are pissed and want an answer NOW.

  2. @Springfield Reformer:
    Seriously? Just how much does BP or the Repugnican party pay you to shift the blame?

    Let’s review:
    Bush/Cheney were closely connected to the oil industry and they held closed door meetings to write “energy legislation.” Yes it was 7 or 8 years ago, but those policies have not yet been struck down. Their administration DELIBERATELY eviscerated oil industry regulation, declined to enforce what they didn’t do away with altogether, and appointed scurrilous do-nothings, drug addicts and oil industry cronies all over the government but especially in the MMS – the agency that is tasked with 2 opposing missions – collecting royalties and enforcing regulations, and they didn’t do either with ANY integrity.

    Leadership? WTF? At the VERY least, Obama is not lying to us every time he opens his mouth like the last lying loser.

    Additionally, we are being raped by the corporations and their corporatist minions in Congress. BP is only the tip of a very nasty iceberg. Multi-national corporations do NOT share the core interests or values of the American people – they have been granted the rights of American citizens but their allegiance is not to us, the citizenry, or to the Constitution of the US but SOLELY to their bottom line and to continually increasing profit – also known as greed.

    And a MacDonald’s manager? Really? Are you truly that ignorant that you think there is anything Obama could have done that the corporatists would have allowed? What about your big battle cry about no government interference? Let the f***ing free market handle it? BP continues to lie, obfuscate, steal, cover up, and otherwise jerk us around. If you’re so damned smart, what would you do? This is a catastrophe that has no solution, easy or otherwise. They have created a scientifically unsolvable problem that the free market couldn’t care less about, and therefore can’t or won’t solve. Dying dolphins don’t matter to corporate profit.

    In summary you’re a tool and a fool and the more you open your pie hole the more clearly all can see that.

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