Is It Too Soon For This? Gulf Spill Cocktail

via Liquor Snob, Hat tip to Dr. Mah..

Sometimes you have to laugh so you don’t cry.

1.5 blueberry juice oz
.5 oz Kahlua
.5 oz chocolate liqueur
3 blueberries
sand colored sugar, like raw or demerara

10 Replies to “Is It Too Soon For This? Gulf Spill Cocktail”

  1. If you set it on fire, the sugar will melt and burn lips … but it would sure look pretty!

  2. Maybe you could lean a gummy work off the side of the glass? That way when the fire started we’d get a visual of what is happening to the benthic invertebrates being killed from the combination of corexit and crude oil? I may have to make a youtube video.

  3. I like the idea of the gummy animals on the side, this is definitely a new drinking project me thinks.

  4. hey im from new Orleans born and raised and i dont see any problem with it. normally people from our city can take a joke. but i find it funny and satirical on the situation and new Orleans being a city built on bourbon and good times i think it ties the two very well together. but the only thing that truly matters is how does it taste?

  5. I feel like this is more of a dessert than the actual stiff drink you’d need upon witnessing the Gulf…

  6. I think swapping an ounce of blueberry vodka (Pinnacle’s is the most flavorful I’ve had) for an ounce of the blueberry juice would add a little higher octane to this cocktail for those of us that like our drinks a little stiffer.

    Looks tasty!

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