Moko Has Died

You may remember Moko, the playful, pygmy sperm whale-saving, lovable dolphin from New Zealand? I’ve just learned from a commenter that he was found dead July 8, 2010. While an autopsy is being done (because of the special nature this dolphin held with the local people), officials say there is no reason to suspect any malicious act, stressing that Moko was a wild dolphin and his death could be due to many things. The BBC reported nearly a year ago:

But scientists are concerned about Moko’s welfare. In a recent study they found he had been scarred by boats and a fish hook.

They pointed out that of the 30 “lone” dolphins identified around the world, 14 had already been injured or had died as a result of their interaction with humans.

Wikipedia entry on Moko.

A different view on Moko:

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  1. I remember that dolphin well from his famous whale saving act,he will be missed, especially for his heroism and playfulness.

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