Pirate Peaches!

A recipe for “Pirate Peaches” – peaches + sugar + Kraken rum! Sent to me with the tagline: “Attn: Miriam (pirates + sugary toppings, Together At Last).” Thanks, ACF, how well you know me.

Enjoy it on ice cream, over pound cake or cheesecake. Have a boozy Sunday brunch with crepes, rum-spiked oatmeal, yogurt or Pirate Pancakes. My friend Melissa bakes it over chicken; I imagine it would make an incredible pork tenderloin, or garnish to a rich pumpkin soup.  Really, there’s almost nothing that can’t be made better by Pirate Peaches.  And the best part? You have a perfect excuse to belt out “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!” in a really cheesy Scottish accent. (And then sing about 1000 verses of “Yo ho ho” until your husband chucks a shoe at your head.) Pirate peaches? You had me at “ahoy.”

7 Replies to “Pirate Peaches!”

  1. M: Hey, you can add rum to oatmeal.
    H: No, you are not adding rum to your oatmeal.
    M: But Deep-Sea News adds rum to their oatmeal.
    H: If Deep-Sea News jumps off a cliff, are you going to jump off a cliff?
    M: Yeah, because that must means there is something cool in the water underneath the cliff.
    H: Sigh.

  2. Wow that sounds so good…I love peaches!!! Seems a little strange to me to cook put it on animal protein, but I would love to have it on dessert. :)

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