Thermolinkus thioreducens

I'll redooce yer links like I reduce solefidez beeotchz.

The latest Maritime Monday over at gCaptain.

Shrimps love sea urchins!! Echinblog has the proof.

The surreal Ice Aquarium. Yes, it is in Japan. Did you have to ask?

A few days ago, our friends at the Underwater Thrills blog threw down the gauntlet to determine the cause of the corkscrew seal killers. With a 2005 bottle of Floodplain Proprietors Red wine from California’s luscious Napa Valley on the line, UK researchers report they are very close to determining the cause of the corkscrew lacerations on UK seals.

A new limerick and a poem from Dawn Evans Radford at the Coastal Health Blog.

Down in the bay lived a plump little oyster
whose hormone changes eventually forced her
to fly into a tizzy.
Cried she, I get dizzy
trying to decide if I’m a girl or a boyster.

Read on for the Poem: Book of the Minor Prophet

Brian Switek found new uses for dolphin snot. No, not for that! Gross! Dolphin ‘blow’, as it were, can actually be used to non-invasively collect genetic material. Brian has all the details on this PLoS One paper.

Mac McClelland found BP’s missing oil over at Mother Jones.

Two reports were published in Science last month – one mapping the plume and describing lack of microbial consumption, the other documenting a microbial community, both using different methods from a different set of researchers. Nature News tackles the reasons for this discrepancy.

Expedition Titanic: Return to the Deep has great new footage of the eerie exterior and interior of the Titantic from their new, ongoing field season this year.

Bluegrass Blue Crab at Southern Fried Science has a nice primer on metal toxicity in aquatic organisms: Chemistry of the Great Big Blue: Metals.

GIANT KILLER SQUIDZ FROM HELL WILL EAT HUMANZ IN TEH WATERZ!!!!11!!11!!!! Danna Staaf, a humboldt squid expert, sets the record straight on this myth.

Blog friend Grrl Scientist has relaunched her blog on the new Guardian Blog Network! Congratulations and make sure you check it out and add her new RSS feed to your readers.