Vampirolinkis infernalis

Jason at The Thoughtful Animal has the latest edition of the Carnival of Evolution. A plethora of fantastic evolutionary blogging!

The Dunn Lab and Friends school us on corals and coloniality with a nicely produced short video!

Bowsprite shows us how to properly shuck oysters with beautiful sketched out drawings.

Dora the Sperm Whale Explorer’s Deep-Sea Adventure Puppet Show by the graduate students at Moss Landing Marine lab. Epic is an understatement. Words cannot describe how awesome this was. Seriously that was a lot of work and planning and well-executed! Great job guys!


Mike Mike from Cephalove has a new home on the Southern Fried Science network! If you are not reading Cephalove you are missing out on some damn fine writing. Each article on cephalopods is well written and very detailed. Lots of Open Lab material in there, like how the Nautilus sees.

Monkey Fist from the gCaptain blog assembled all the great links for this week’s Maritime Monday.

The beloved Alvin submersible gets a long overdue interior design makeover! But as Chris German says:

“We’re never going to be able to provide luxury,” said German. “It’s not like flying business class.”