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Species do a lot more for us than you might realize. They are not merely coexisting with us on our great journey through life, but provide us with the oxygen we breathe, stabilize our coasts and river banks, provide us with food, filter our water, harbor medicinally important biochemicals, etc. etc. In one of the best write-ups about the value of biodiversity I’ve seen, Richard Coniff takes us down the path of how do we determine the value of species at Yale 360.

National Geographic has a report and informative video about walruses swarming beaches in Alaska due to lack of sea ice. Chalk up another potential casualty for climate change! Also at Nat Geo, are some awesome photos of new species of crabs, shrimps and more from Korea.

BBC reports a new species of eelpout fish that suckles its young!? Next, they will be growing hair!